Bride and Groom photo at Insole Court Cardiff under the trees having a sneaky smooch
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Ann and Justin’s Secret Wedding at Insole Court Cardiff Sneak Peek

WOW!!!! Ann and Justin’s wedding was an absolute pleasure to be a part of. We hadn’t been to Insole Court before, nor had we been to a ‘secret wedding’. We’re not the best at keeping secrets but somehow, we managed it… As far as anyone knew we were there to photograph a 40th Birthday Party (Ann doesn’t look 40 at all, lucky Justin).

The moment Ann entered the room in her dress… Oh, my… You could hear the cheers, screams, and laughs for miles around!!! An absolute pleasure to a part of such a great day!!!

We asked Ann – ‘Do you have any words of wisdom for future brides and grooms to be?’

Do it this way!! Totally magic! We’ll all be talking about it for a long time. Don’t waste money on unnecessary stuff (photo’s/video’s are the best keepsakes, we’ve been looking at our guests pics/vids every day :D cant wait to get the official stuff back)The most important thing is you 2 & all of your favourite people. Keep it relaxed, we didn’t want a ‘wedding’ as such, just one hell of a party with a marriage, I think we pulled it off ;D DON’T overlook a honeymoon, we have a family holiday booked in a couple of months time but should definitely have booked our own break first! (working on that!) Practice your new signature, for the first time I can remember in my life I have no idea how to write my own name :D