Wedding Videographer South Wales

If pictures are worth a thousand words, imagine what video is worth… Wedding Videography has recently become more and more popular, the days of old-fashioned wedding documentary videos are in the past, we’ve entered a new age. An age where story and emotions are at the centre of most modern wedding films. 

If you’re not sure why wedding videography has become so common for many brides and grooms, then this article will explain why wedding videography is such an important part of your wedding day.


As Cardiff Wedding Videographers we’ve had the pleasure of capturing wonderful weddings at Cardiff’s most popular venues. All of these may seem similar on the exterior, but are all intimately unique, it’s this uniqueness in which we use to carefully craft your wedding film into a work of art, a reflection of your journey towards your new life as husband and wife.

In the months, weeks, and days leading up to your wedding, we search for what makes your storyyours.

Cardiff Wedding Videographer