Bride and Groom kissing on a Jamaican Beach Wedding
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Destination Wedding Photographer Jamaica | Grand Palladium Resort and Spa in Montego Bay Jamaica | Suzanne and Craig

Romantic Destination wedding at the Grand Palladium Hotel and Spa Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Amongst 40 foot gently swaying palm trees, long stretches of golden sun-kissed Jamaican sand and the delicate sounds of folding waves, Suzanne and Craig exchanged their vows. It was Epic!!!

Grand Palladium Hotel and Spa Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Suzanne and Craig got married in summer at the beautiful Grand Palladium Hotel and Spa Resort, which is a stunning destination wedding venue 40 minutes away from the Montego Bay Airport in Jamaica. They had their ceremony on the grounds of the venue, which was great because having everything in one venue meant more time for drinks, and with a free bar an arm’s length away we were all in for a good time. They chose a destination wedding in Jamaica, simply because it’s where they’d always imagined it to be. Together, Suzanne and Craig have been to this very resort a bunch of times and with so many shared memories, they couldn’t imagine having their day anywhere else. It was a relaxed un-themed wedding, which let the venue and gorgeous surroundings hold centre stage, at a venue as lush as this no theme is needed. I love shooting weddings at the Grand Palladium, the surroundings are just incredible and the photo ops, well they are absolutely delicious.

Bride walking down the isle while groom looks lovingly

Suzanne got ready at the resort’s salon with her bridal party, the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Once the last of the champagne had been poured then gulped and the final touches were made it was time for the bride and her bridal party to make their way to the ceremony. 

The wedding itself was an intimate affair on looking a sandy beach and a vast ocean panoramic. During the ceremony the sun shone bright and wind blew gently, the perfect combination to witness one of the most heart warming ceremonies of our career as wedding photographers and videographers. It truly was, a pleasure to witness.

The reception was in a beautiful balcony ballroom that gave a different, but the equally awe-inspiring view of the ocean panoramic. The expanse of blue water stretched in every direction to the horizon.

The room buzzed with excited chatter. As the bride and groom entered, applause spread across the room. There was the scraping of chairs as folks got up for a standing ovation as the happy couple made their way to the head table, smiling and holding hands as the newlywed Mr and Mrs Fletcher.

For dinner, they served a fancy meal in a gorgeous restaurant, which was gobbled down in seconds by everyone. The first dance was a romantic slow dance, and they finished off the evening with everyone lying around drunk off their tits. It was bound to happen, a free bar has the same effect on everyone lol

The most memorable part of the day was the ceremony because it was so romantic and personal. They also had a song during the ceremony – it was so personal!

The couple says that if you’re planning your wedding, the biggest piece of advice they could give you is STAY CALM!!! It will all work itself out!!!

Suzanne and Craig’s wedding was everything I love about weddings and just the happiest occasion. Here’s their gorgeous wedding!