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Do I Need a Wedding Videographer

Do I need a wedding video?

Is a Wedding Videographer important?

Do I need a Wedding film?

Like most brides and grooms you’ve probably booked your wedding photographer (hopefully us) and now your left wondering if a wedding videographer is a necessary part of the day. If so, then this little post might help you along your path to clarity…

Wedding videography is becoming more and more popular. People want to capture their big day in a way that they can watch over and over again to relive the moment. One of the biggest questions couples ask is “do I need a wedding videographer?” They wonder whether they really need both the video and the photos. Don’t they both just show the same thing?

There are many benefits to opting for both wedding videography and photography on your big day. Both capture different types of moments and help you relive the day in very different ways.

Watch Your Day as a Guest

It’s really easy to forget your big day. You spent so long planning it, but the 24 hours (less than that!) just rush on by. Many couples want to see what it was like to see their big day from the guests’ eyes, and that is what your video will give you the ability to do. You can watch it from start to finish as if you were there witnessing your day.

This is much better than photos. The photos only show the stills. They don’t include you saying your vows, the bride’s walk down the aisle or even the speeches made at the dinner. You get to see all that again through the eyes of your guests.

Watch Your Guests’ Reactions

When you have your back to the audience, you don’t get to see their looks and expressions. You miss so much, and all those expressions are for the words you say and the things you do. Even if you did get to look at them, there would be so many that you would miss some of the treasured moments. When you have a videographer there, you will capture all those moments, the smiles and even the whispers forever.

This is especially beneficial if something happens behind your back. Instead of spending your whole life wondering who made the noise or what some of the commotion was about, you get to see it all. You can see the children running around in the aisles and parents trying to keep them under control, and you will see the couples who share the memory of the time that they said their vows.

Remember Everything About the Day

The memory can’t hold everything from the day. While you’ll remember the main things that happened, you will forget the smaller things; often the things that mean the most. The photographs are great at giving you stills to remember things, but the video will help you remember every little detail.

You’ll be able to listen to you saying your vows to each other, and play the speeches back. You have full control over the bits that are filmed too, so you’ll be able to play your first dance back and even watch the guests having fun on the dance floor, while you were out socialising with others elsewhere.

See the Guests When You’re Not There

There are so many moments that happen at your big day, and you can’t be there for all of them. When you hire a videographer, you get to see the majority of those moments. Some of them include the guests mingling while waiting for you to turn up, the groom talking to his best man and even the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids.

You can see how your parents and grandparents interact with each other, and the meeting of family members who have never met before. You will see things that you never knew happened at your wedding, and may even see that people did show up and you never got the chance to speak to them.

Look Back at Fashion and Music

When you spend years together, it’s easy to forget the fashion styles, the music and the dance crazes that were hot at the time. Video lets you relive it all and remember all of that. You can watch the snippets of pieces on the dance floor and then find the tracks to listen to regularly. You can see the different fashion styles and talk to your guests about them afterwards.

This is also great for your children and grandchildren. Think about how you feel when you listen to the tracks played at your parents’ wedding and when you think about the music played at your grandparents’ weddings. Your children get that chance years down the line but get to see it all on video.

The next time you question “do I need a wedding videographer?” you need to think about the benefits. Video gives you the ability to see, hear and remember things that you never could on your big day. You get to remember the smaller details and see interactions that photos will never show you.

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