4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pre-Wedding Photography shoot

4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pre-Wedding Photography shoot

So you’re getting married, and you’d like great photos to remember the big day. I mean you’ve spent so much on that one day, it seems a little silly in not being able to be reminded of how wonderful it was. Memories can fade, but photos can last forever. Finding a wedding photographer that is capable, one that makes you feel at ease when you’re in front of the camera is so, so, so important. Which brings me to the subject of Pre Wedding  Shoots, also known as engagement shoots, together shoots, couple shoots, and I’m sure many many more.

What Is a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot?

Before you ask “should I have a pre-wedding photo shoot,” you need to find out what one is. Well, quite simply it’s a professional photo shoot done with your chosen wedding photographer a few months or weeks before the actual big day.

‘Really, is that it?’ you may be thinking. Well to be honest… Yes but more.. NO, you see opting for a pre wedding shoot with your wedding photographer comes with four really… extremely big pluses!

1. Get to Know the Wedding Photographer

The pre-wedding shoot gives the bride and groom the perfect opportunity to get to know their wedding photographer. You can discuss talent and experience to make sure this is someone who has your wants and dreams in mind. You want someone who will take photos of the people you want and be able to catch the non-posed ones that are often the most memorable.

Sometimes, you’ll be at the photographer’s studio, which is a great chance to look at his or her previous work. You can see the weddings that the photographer has had the chance to be a part of and see the different types of albums that have been put together.

2. It Helps the Photographer Get to Know You

This isn’t just about the engaged couple. A pre-wedding photo shoot is perfect for the wedding photographer. He or she has the chance to get to know more about you and make sure they’re able to work with your personality. It’s  also a time for him or her to find out more about your wedding photography needs. You can discuss the venues and the type of shots you’d want, so the photographer knows whether they are requests that can be delivered.

The last thing you want is extra anxiety on the day. You’ll already be worried that something will go wrong—the cake falls of the stand or the caterers can’t make it for some reason. By opting for a pre-wedding shoot, you will know that your photographer will do everything in his or her power to make sure this part of your day is perfect.

3. Relax and Get the Perfect Shots

The two points above really have this as the end goal – Comfort and Confidence. Getting to know your wedding photographer and them you will get you feeling more relaxed, more comfortable, and more confident.

A photographer will be able to assess your personality and work with that to get the shots of your dreams. If you’re shy, he or she will know that beforehand and work with it. If you’re bubbly and love to be centre of attention, again, he or she will know beforehand and work with that.

good wedding photographer has worked with all types of personalities. He or she knows how to handle them, but having the knowledge upfront is much easier. It also gives him or her the chance to see you and your partner together and build on that.

Feeling comfortable with your photographer will add so much to the photos they capture. The camera, unfortunately doesn’t lie, if you feel uneasy in front of one then you’ll look uneasy in the pictures. Not to say everyone has that feeling, some people love the  camera and in return the camera loves them back. I on the other hand am one of the unfortunate ones that the camera seemed to dislike.. A LOT ( probably why I chose a profession that allows me to stand behind, not in front of one ) lol!!!

So I can most definitely relate to those feelings and have adapted the way I shoot to accommodate feeling of that sort, feelings of any sort really.

4. Photos to Use in the Run Up

When you get the pre-wedding photographs, you can use them in the build-up to your big day. Some brides want to add them to their wedding invitations, while others want to use them as part of a collage for guests to sign. You will get access to various shots, so you can use them in any way that you want.

Having photo invitations is advantageous for your wedding guests. You will be able to share who the other half of the couple is for the guests who have never met them, while adding a personal and memorable touch to your invites.

Should You Opt for Pre-Wedding Photography?

There are so many benefits to getting one. You can get to know the wedding photographer and discuss your exact needs. This is the best chance for both of you to make sure you can work together well and put your mind at ease that this part of your day will go perfectly. The photographer wants to know about your photographic personality, so he or she can tailor his style to you. You can also use the photos in the build-up to your big day.

Give pre-wedding photography a chance. Check the professionalism and quality of any company or freelancer you consider, and make sure you get the best value for your money.