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Sarah and Dans Miskin Manor House Wedding Sneak Peak

OMG!!! Thank you so! These photos are absolutely amazing! We love them. You’ve done such an amazing job of capturing our special day!

Thank you both so much again for everything you did on the day for us. We couldn’t think of anyone better to have had with us for the whole day – we definitely made the right decision choosing you both and these photos seal that!

We can’t wait to see all of the final photos!

Sarah and Dan

What are your overall comments regarding how Studio Enso conducted themselves on your wedding day?

One of the things that impressed us the most was your ability to make all of our guests feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. You managed to build a rapport with our guests in a short space of time and everyone felt comfortable and at ease all day – it was like you were part of the wedding party! :)

Did you receive any feedback from family, friends or guests regarding Studio Enso?

All of our guests were really impressed with the amount of time you spent with us – from getting ready to our first dance. They loved how you didn’t stop snapping all day, yet nobody felt pressured or uncomfortable with the camera’s presence.

What was your biggest concern before hiring us? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

Our biggest concern was getting all of the group photos done without any awkwardness given our family situation. You were able to cater for this with no problems and the fact you made everyone feel at ease meant the photos went smoothly.

How did you feel when we were there with our cameras?

It felt as if you were a part of the wedding party. We felt completely at ease in front of the camera and were able to have natural, and enjoyable photos thanks to your relaxed natures and a great sense of humour! (Not forgetting your patience too!)

What was your first reaction to seeing your Wedding Day Sneak Peek and/or Teaser Film?

We loved how natural the photos were and the variety of photos you sent us. We were so pleased with how you caught some of the most important moments of the day. We also love the clarity of the photos!

What is your favourite sneak peek photo and/or part of the teaser film, and why?

This is like asking what child do you prefer – too difficult to choose as there are already so many favourites!! However, if we have to decide, the 2 main favourites so far as the ones where you have captured Sarah’s dad giving her hand to Dan and the first kiss photo. :)